Monthly Archives: December 2010

Marriage isn’t a Culture thing

I was just having this random thought today. Anything that can be considered a cultural thing is an invention of man. For example, whether you eat with your hands or with a knife and fork is cultural. How you speak to people older than you is cultural. Whether you shake hands or hug is cultural.

Marriage is not cultural. A lot of the trappings of marriage are cultural. The form which the ceremony takes, even the interactions of the husband and wife for the duration of their marriage might be largely dictated to by culture, but the concept of marriage itself is not a cultural human invention. Continue reading

God the Father

There are many ways of viewing God. I think many Christians look at God as a Father when things are going well and then when we do something bad, we expect Him to lash out at us with a lightning bolt. Not because we actually think God is like that. Deep down, we know He isn’t. But our limited human minds are concerned first with our own insecurity and we let that tint our view of God as well. God is our Father all the time. Continue reading

Christianity: The Essentials Part 2 – Jesus

Continuing my endeavour to define what I think are the essentials of Christianity (after getting the non-essentials out of the way in my previous post), I’m gonna briefly outline why Jesus is essential, and what is essential about Jesus. Continue reading