Christmas Movies

As we head in to December, there’s two things that are always inevitable:

1) Mariah Carey will suddenly get a lot more radio play.

2) We will all be forced to watch Christmas movies at some point.

There’s something about most Christmas movies that’s just bleah… They just don’t really cut it. As a kid they’re fantastic. I could spend my whole childhood watching the Santa Clause. And as I got older, Christmas with the Kranks was funny the first time through, and as much as I love Tim Allen in Home Improvement, that’s all the credit I can give it. Actually, they’re both Tim Allen movies… anyway…

I just want someone to make a really good Christmas movie. You know, like a really good one! Where there’s a plot to assassinate Santa and Will Smith has to protect him during his Christmas Eve present delivery or something cool like that! I would watch that. Or if it must be a family movie, at least let Pixar do it! They haven’t let us down yet :)

What’s your favourite Christmas movie???

6 responses to “Christmas Movies

  1. I love writing scripts :)

  2. That’s very true…

  3. Well you need time to write a script etc…

  4. Well it may be a bit harder to get hold of Will Smith, but there isn’t anything stopping you making a movie…

  5. You have no idea how much I’d love to make a movie :) That’d be so much fun! Especially if Will Smith would star in it hehe.

    LOTR aren’t really Christmas movies, despite being released at the right time of year. They don’t have a Christmas theme per se.

    Christmas lights definitely rock. Also a fav pass time of mine.

  6. Fussy!! Why don’t you just make your own movie :p

    The LOTR were Christmas movies for my family… the three years they were in cinema we went, as a family, on Christmas eve. The second part of our Christmas eve tradition consisted of driving around looking at Christmas lights (even the family cat use to come for that part).

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