Genesis 18

Two pretty epic things happen in Genesis 18.

One is that Abraham takes fantastic care of three strangers he comes into contact with. I just love this, I think it’s a perfect example of how Jesus actually is present throughout the bible, even when not in person. If you want to know the answer to that perennial cheesy yet essential question “What would Jesus do?”, look at Abraham in this chapter right here :)

He takes the best calf from his herd and has it prepared for them! That sounds so yum right now… getting hungry…

But yes. I’m sure a giving sermon about giving God our best could be pulled out right there. But it’s just so cool how Abraham didn’t stop and ask questions, he just wanted to serve.

The next thing that happens in chapter 18 is he pleads with God to spare Sodom. Which brings up the question: Does God change His mind? Did God ever intend to spare Sodom only if there were 50 righteous people? Or was the plan 10 all along? Did God change His mind or did God test Abraham’s desire to pray and plead? Either way, it’s plain that God is merciful and that we should definitely ask Him for good things because He is a good Father and will give them!

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