Genesis 19

Oh my goodness! What a chapter…

And it’s a tricky chapter to review, because I’m not really sure whether I want to wade into the homosexuality debate today. I’m rather tired. Nonetheless, it would be remiss of me to look at this chapter without addressing the issue :/

For a start, let’s put it in perspective. Sin is simply disobeying God. If God tells you not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and you disobey Him, that’s sinning. If God says you shouldn’t steal and you steal, that’s sinning. If God says not to have homosexual sex (and despite the fact that some Christians and non-Christians alike have been heard to say the bible says no such thing, it in fact does very explicitly say so), but you disobey Him, that’s sinning. Later on in Genesis 19, Lot’s daughters get him drunk and sleep with him, and that’s sinning too. So let’s not blow it out of proportion and pretend that homosexuality makes you some sort of outcast any more than any other lifestyle of sin that us humans choose to lead.

So now we’ve cleared that up… homosexuality seems to have essentially saturated the city of Sodom. I don’t know what the statistics were, but it was prevalent enough that the men of the city felt free to just knock on Lot’s door and demand to have sex with his guests.

What ensued was one of the more epic destructive events of the Old Testament (and that’s saying something, if you think about it)! A rain of burning sulphur sounds like a painful way to die.

The thing that really confuses me about the whole story is that Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt simply for looking back. Why did God not want her to look back? Why did He spare her from the death by sulphur only to turn her into a pillar of salt? Any ideas? Let me know…

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