How should Christians respond to Islam?

As it becomes more and more popular to share things on the internet, the more rubbish we become exposed to. And some of the rubbish that I’ve seen has been made by Christians in regard to Islam. I’m as saddened by images of child brides as the next person is, but videos like the one below make me roll my eyes in disgust at how some Christians will resort to lies, propaganda and fear to try and advance their cause, not faith in God :( Here’s the video:

Did you see how subtle that video was? It started off with some facts, then slowly slid into more dodgy statistics to try and induce fear. When it came time to talk about Canada, he said Canada’s fertility rate is a full point below the rate required to sustain a culture. In what field of maths is 1.6 a whole point less than 2.11? It is in fact 0.51 less than 2.11, a difference barely enough to round up to a whole point ONLY IF you are dealing with whole numbers. Then he said 1.2 million out of a 1.6 million population growth in Canada were immigrants. Not muslim immigrants, note. Just immigrants. He’s implying that they were all muslim, but for all we know, they were all from India, which is 80% Hindu, or the Philippines, which is 90% Roman Catholic.

The whole premise of the video is flawed. It’s talking about the fertility rate required to sustain a culture. A culture. Then it starts talking about statistics from different nations. This is a huge mistake. You can’t assume nations equate to cultures. Most nations have a variety of cultures in them, and most cultures span many nations. The only culture the video goes into is the culture surrounding Islam, the rest of the time it talks only about nations, which are a completely different thing.

Anyway, I didn’t come here to have a video bashing session. The point I really want to make, is that as Christians, we can’t afford to act based on fear or share anything meant to induce fear. God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of love, power and self-control.

Love, to love muslims, genuinely care for them and be like Jesus, who came to love. The only fear Jesus induced was the fear of living a life that’s about ourselves instead of God. Not a fear of Islam or any other religion (yes, I know Islam wasn’t around then, but I dare you to suggest Jesus would have us fear it).

Power, to defeat satan. Jesus has already won the victory through rising from the dead, thus defeating death, which is the only weapon satan really has. If we die having lived for a purpose other than the Living God who we can only know through Jesus, then that’s a victory for Him. But Jesus has already won! We don’t need to fear the devices and deception that satan uses to con people into thinking they can reach God through ways other than Jesus, and that includes Islam.

Self-control, to rely on the power and love of God to win people’s hearts through the sacrifice He made and the Holy Spirit He has sent to change people’s hearts. We must endeavour to speak and act like Jesus, but it’s not our words and actions that ultimately change people’s hearts. Our words and actions merely tell people what they need to know so that their heart can be changed by the Holy Spirit. So why should we spread fear of Islam or anything else as if that’s going to help?

To be fair, I think we do underestimate muslims and assume that because terrorist muslims are a huge minority, that therefore the rest are as nominal about their faith as some Christians are, which would be a huge generalisation! But fear is not the answer. Love is. At least the last statement of the video is right. This is a call to action!

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