Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I liked this movie! I haven’t read the book in a while, so forgive me if I say anything dumb, but here’s what I thought was great about the movie:

It was a different kind of movie from the first too. Now, I know the movie makers aren’t to credit for this and it was C.S. Lewis’ plot. But during the battle scenes in the first two movies, I couldn’t quite help thinking “Well, it’s not really Lord of the Rings is it…” In this latest release, that wasn’t a problem cause there were no large battle scenes. The climax of the story was something else. And that’s great!

It was a great story, great acting by Eustace (his pompousness was real enough to be annoying and exaggerated enough to be funny), great special effects. Definitely worth watching :) More so than the first two in the series. It felt like it was a bit more directed at my age group (young adults) too, rather than kids and pre-teens, which helped too. The first two seemed a bit like they were trying to catch everyone from kids through to 90 year olds, this one seemed a bit more focussed somehow.

Also, it was definitely written to be quoted in sermons. Incredibly blatantly so. I don’t mind this at all, it got quite amusing at times though. Anyway. That’s what I think :) What’d you reckon about it?

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