I finally saw it! Yesterday. On DVD. It was good. I mean, I don’t regret not seeing it at the movies. I’m not a believer in spending up $NZ15 to see something you’re not genuinely interested in seeing.

It wasn’t confusing. I managed to keep up with what was happening, it was all very well thought out and well written/directed.

Leonardo DeCaprio has never been a great actor in my opinion. His success has mostly been reliant on being chosen to star in really good movies.  However I’m yet to decide who I would pick to do a better job of it, so no big deal! The rest of the cast was great and I really enjoyed their performances, especially Ken Watanabe, (of Last Samurai fame) and Ellen Page (from Juno).

For a movie that sounded like a lot of intellectual confusion, it had plenty of action, and though the plot was surprisingly predictable, it was suspenseful enough to not get too boring. The twist at the end was a revelation, though didn’t really change the whole story.

Well worth seeing on DVD if you can get your hands on it!

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