Why I use a Mac

I love my macbook. And to be honest, if you asked me to tell you why, I probably couldn’t tell you any more. I’m so used to it, I take it for granted until those few frustrating occasions each year where I have to use a PC. But I realise I’ve not actually blogged about macs that often. So here are some reasons why I love macs:

  1. You can buy them second hand. Everyone complains about how expensive Apple computers are. I’ve never bought one brand new myself. You can get one from an online auction site for half the price you’d pay new. The only trick is finding one that’s reasonably recent cause, well, no one wants to part with them! They’re so good, but thanks to the Apple addicts who upgrade regularly, there’s always a small handful of recent second hand macs out there going pretty cheap. So don’t let price deter you!
  2. Once you get them, staying up to date is cheap. The latest version of Apple operating system costs $US29. They only make one version, not 8 confusing ones. The latest version of Microsoft Windows costs anywhere between $US119 and $US319, depending on which of the six versions you choose, the cheaper of which have less features. iWork, Apple’s office suite, costs $US79, one version only. Microsoft Office varies from $US149 to $US499, depending again on which version you want and if you’re prepared to drop some features.
  3. Macs are intuitive. The other day I went “I wonder if my mac does this”, so I tried it and it worked! When I was a PC user, I would’ve turned to Google to find out how. Everything from using two fingers on the touchpad to scroll (and other touchpad gestures) to being able to set up my computer to show me all my windows when I flick my mouse to the corner of the screen makes perfect sense! Keeping apps in the dock, rather than a start menu is logical too, thus Windows 7 now does this :P
  4. Macs are efficient. When I installed the most recent version of OSX, I gained 7 gigs of hard drive space, cause Apple had figured out how to make their operating system that much smaller without losing any features! SEVEN GIGS!!! That essentially halved the size of the OS. Microsoft Windows is still… well… huge. And whilst Windows 7 is an improvement, it’s still more clunky than a mac.
  5. Macs live long. Even if you did pay for a new one, you’d get your money’s worth out of it (and not just through the hundreds you’d save in software updates as in point 2), but because they live long. My macbook was two years old when I bought it, and two years down the track from then, it’s still running the latest software updates, only crashes once in a blue moon, and doesn’t make me wait longer than ten seconds for anything to start up or load.

One reason I’m not going to give you: Macs don’t get viruses. Because it’s true. Macs don’t get viruses. Before OSX came along, there used to be about 60-80 viruses for mac. Now there are none. But the reason I’m not giving this as a reason is because as macs become more popular, they probably will get targeted more. And though Apple will still keep on top of things to stay secure, as they’re doing an expert job of now, you just never know what some clever but malicious person might do. Also, in 90% of situations, you have to do something fairly stupid to get anything illegitimate on to your computer. You have to open an email or download a file that looked fairly dodgy to start with, so if you manage to get a virus, you’re either naive or trying to get your hands on something else dodgy. A rare few things will get downloaded with something that’s actually legitimate.

Anyway. Hope this is useful to you!

NOTE: My sources for pricing were http://store.apple.com and http://store.microsoft.com

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