The only regret I have about seeing this movie is that I didn’t see it in 3D. Unfortunately I was out of town during the 3D showing and my friend wanted to see it today, or I would’ve waited. There were many moments of “oh this would’ve looked so cool in 3D!” It was a fantastic movie :)

The animation was fantastic. It seems like animation has reached the point where only the characters appear unreal. Some shots looked like they could be mistaken for the real world if you took the characters out of them.

The humour of the movie was genuinely funny. I was laughing a lot, and it helped that some of the other cinema-goers were easily entertained and laughter is contagious. I’m so used to the ridiculous, being a kids worker, that sometimes I need outside input to see how funny things really are!

The premise of the movie was fairly apparent from about half an hour in, but nonetheless the journey was exciting! Better than Despicable Me, I’d say! I highly recommend seeing this at the cinema and in 3D :)

2 responses to “Megamind

  1. Really? I thought Despicable Me was good cause of its premise rather than its execution.

    Also, in Megamind I loved the motif of him mis-pronouncing words, and the MJ song at the end :)

  2. Timothy Walbran

    It was good but personally I thought that despicable me was funnier.

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