Christianity: The Essentials Part 2 – Jesus

Continuing my endeavour to define what I think are the essentials of Christianity (after getting the non-essentials out of the way in my previous post), I’m gonna briefly outline why Jesus is essential, and what is essential about Jesus.

Things that are essential about Jesus

  • He was (and is) the Son of God. God so loved the world that He sent His only Son. Not one of many human children God has, but God’s only Son.
  • His death on the cross is the only way our sins can be removed from us. They can’t be counter-balanced by any number of good works. To be in the presence of a perfect God, we need to be perfect, and doing more good works than bad ones still isn’t perfection. We need to accept God’s offer and let Jesus take on the bad stuff.
  • Jesus is the only way to the Father. This is where Christians get scared of offending people sometimes I think, but we believe that you cannot reach God through Islam, Judaism, Buddhism or anything else. I don’t know why we’re so shy of admitting it. But we can’t afford to even think about going down the path of saying there are many ways to God. There are not. Only Jesus.
  • He has defeated satan. Jesus rose from death 2000 years ago. Satan’s only real weapon is death. Satan’s mission is for us to die without accepting the gift of Jesus. So for those of us who have already accepted Jesus, satan has no real weapons to use. He can tempt us and attack us, but because we have Jesus, we’ve got the upper hand! :)

Things that aren’t essential about Jesus

  • What His skin colour was. Yes, the movies are all inaccurate, but it’s not really important, fun as it is to investigate.

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