Top 5 Switchfoot Songs

Not long ago, I did a post on my top 5 Relient K songs. I realised that this is actually a good way to get a taste of a band without having to listen to an entire album or catalogue of their music. (I know we’re pretending that people read my blog here so that this use will actually get… well, used. But hey, it’s fun to write! :D )

So here’s my top 5 Switchfoot songs. This is the band I listen to the most. To summarise, Jon Foreman writes meaningful, insightful lyrics about the state of the world, culture and human nature, and ties it into memorable melodies that aren’t cheesy. Great modern rock stuff!

The Shadow Proves the Sunshine

This is a great song, not off their best album, but definitely one of their best songs. I chose this Youtube vid cause it reflects nicely on the lyrics :) And I just really love the lyrical idea that if there’s darkness, it must be because there is light, you just can’t see it right now.

This is Home

Not their most musically interesting song, but I love the exposure it gave them through the Prince Caspian movie, and I love the deeper meaning of the lyrics about finally being where we belong. It can be interpreted any number of ways. About being in Narnia. About being back from Narnia. About becoming a Christian. About going to heaven. About the second coming of Jesus…


This is hard. I love all Switchfoot’s songs! But Gone is just hilarious at the end, and it’s really catchy, can’t help but sing along every time!


I think this song outlines the tedium of day-to-day life, but hope that if each person does something meaningful with their day, the world changes. It’s a song of hope :)

On Fire

The first Switchfoot song I remember hearing, and it’s just so beautiful and a igreat story of just completely obeying God :)

There’s so many notably absent songs from this top 5, I may have to do a runner up 5 later!!!

2 responses to “Top 5 Switchfoot Songs

  1. No worries! :)

  2. This post helped me get a feel for Switchfoot. Thanks

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