Genesis 22

Probably one of the most intense stories I can think of. I would not want to be in Abraham’s position, deciding whether to obey God or let my son live. I think I’d flake out on that one. Sorry God! :/

Abraham’s trust in God must have been huge. It’s one thing to say that we know God knows what He’s doing, but another thing to act on that knowledge in such an incredible situation!

It’s definitely something to chew over and think about. Would you obey God in Abraham’s shoes? What leads you to obey or disobey God? I always think that God’s faithfulness in the past will lead me to obey Him in the future, but reading stories as extreme as this one remind me that I still need to make a conscious choice to obey God.

This chapter is also an epic foreshadowing of God’s sacrifice of His Son…

Source Text: Genesis 22

Things this chapter teaches us about God

  • We can trust God. His plans are good even when they sound crazy!
  • We should obey God at all times.

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