Is the world getting better or worse?

This is a poll. Just curious to know what you think.

The news we get, even in the age of citizen journalism is largely negative. We have every reason to believe the world is getting worse based on what we see on TV and the internet and a lot of people seem to think it actually is. But is it really?

Is it getting better? Is it getting worse? Or is it a cycle of prosperity, health, disease and war with no significant net gain or loss?

In 2011 we no longer have Hitler or the black plague. Slavery is less prevalent than it once was. Society has come a long way socially. We have amazing charities and a spirit of generosity. But we do have AIDS, obesity and a variety of cancers that are much more common because of the indulgent lifestyles we lead. We have huge debt and we still do have wars.

What do you think?

3 responses to “Is the world getting better or worse?

  1. Scott Lee Henry

    I feel that we can aww the end Od the world getting closed every day

  2. Purely for the sake of argument, it would appear in Genesis 5 that Adam’s first son was Seth. There’s no knowing which number kids Cain and Abel were, or even of knowing if Adam and Eve were the only humans God created supernaturally in the beginning. Then there’s theistic evolution which is a whole other kettle of fish…

    But yes. My own opinion is that we’re not really going up or down, thought trying our best. I’m really keen to know what other people think though.

  3. It’s a v. interesting concept. Considering the 3rd/4th person alive was a murdered I don’t think human nature itself is getting worse (though I don’t think it’s getting better).

    But after thousands of years on I think the effects of the fall, like war, famine etc are more apparent eg. the difference between the rich + poor will be even greater than ever.

    and I don’t think things are going to get any better until Jesus comes back :p

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