Sucker Punch

This was an interesting film! A while ago I wrote about The Tourist and complained about how it didn’t really do any genre well, thus appearing to be a confused and pointless movie. Sucker Punch also drew on features from several genres, but used them well, and used enough of them fully that I didn’t feel too disappointed about what wasn’t explored.

The plot was based on a video game structure. That structure being that you finish a mission and then you are given a new one, when you finish all the missions, you’ve won the game. The film itself was largely an action film, and certainly had sufficient action that you feel this has been done properly, unlike The Tourist. It was also a psychological thriller to a certain extent, the one alley that could have been explored much further, but that really would have dragged the movie out much longer so I can’t really complain!

At times some events seemed a bit unlikely, but that’s forgivable when you consider that it’s not by any means a story rooted in reality and it all adds to the action! And then of course there’s the Sucker Punch… I won’t spoil the plot for you :P

Definitely worth a watch at the cinema. I’ve been amazed by the quantity and variety of my friends who have enjoyed it so much they wanted to see at the cinema a second time! Ignore the negative reviews. I doubt most movie critics have played a video game since Space Invaders.

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