Accidentally Liking Emo Music

I never thought I would have a song by Dashboard Confessional in my iTunes library. It happened completely by accident! I heard a song when I was passing a shop last week. I remembered it as being a song from some years ago, and one I remembered liking. So I made a note of a prominent lyric and went to find it next time I was shopping on iTunes for music.

Horror of horrors, it’s by Dashboard Confessional, of “Vindicated” infamy! You can imagine my surprise. This begs the question, can I legitimately stop liking a song once I find out who it’s by? And really, if I’m going to have any integrity as a musician, the answer is no. If you like something, you like it.

Thankfully it’s not an emo song. It’s a rather romantic one. Here it is:

4 responses to “Accidentally Liking Emo Music

  1. Good choice! :) Much more consistently good music from that source hehe.

  2. I’ve changed to John Mayer now..

  3. So how many times have you listening to this song in the last week Thi? :P

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