Acts 13 – 14: Sacrifice

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2 responses to “Acts 13 – 14: Sacrifice

  1. yeah it’s our young adults group :) Maybe I should’ve told them what you’re doing for a job and challenged them with that!

  2. This is a great post, Josh!
    Yeah, modern Christians have settled for we can call ‘convenient Christianity’. We sing of laying down our lives and following Jesus to the ends of the earth and what not in church, but in reality, are we really willing to leave our comfort zones and venture into unknown territory, to minister to the poor and the needy?
    Yet, today, when there are people who do so, they are looked up to as heroes. But in actual fact, doing so (going out of the way to minister to the needy) is a way of life that we as Christians are called to do. It’s supposed to be a natural response to His love and sacrifice for us, not some big sacrifice on our part.
    But yeah. I suppose the modern lifestyle, with instant gratification (think of fast food, commercials about what ‘you’ need and what ‘you’ deserve for yourself etc) have turned us into narcissistic people who live only for ourselves…
    Perhaps it’s time to go back to the basics – to look at the life of the early church again and once again ponder on what it really means to follow Jesus and live for Him.
    By the way, what’s momentum? Is it a youth group or something?

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