Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I had reasonably high expectations for this movie and I’m a firm believer that expectations play a big part in the enjoyment of a movie. If I expect a movie to be rubbish I’ll enjoy it if it’s even marginally not rubbish :) Anyway. This fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t rubbish. But it wasn’t all that either.

The plot was fine. I followed the story from its premise to it’s conclusion with plenty of curiosity and suspense. I couldn’t have asked for more from the story. Despite some reviewers lamenting the lack of sea battles, I thought it was a really interesting concept! However there were some things that stopped it from being up there with the previous movies.

Penelope Cruz’ character didn’t really appear to have a convincing relationship with Jack Sparrow (her supposed lover) or Blackbeard (her supposed father). She looked really good on screen and fought well, but that’s about it.

Also the comic relief rested solely on Jack Sparrow. Thankfully Jack Sparrow is a character I don’t tire of easily, but him being the center of the plot and the only really comical character (instead of just a really hilarious main role) means it’s almost a one man show. I miss the pirate with the wooden eye and his friend from the trilogy! And the two bumbling soldiers who could never protect anything successfully :)

Anyway. Saying all that, it was interesting and it was good, it just wasn’t AS good, but the first three movies set a high standard. And if you’re going to see it at all, best to see it at the movies and in 3D. It is, after all, an adventure movie and a pirate one at that. Epicness is required!

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