The Green Lantern

I found this movie thoroughly enjoyable! As is usually the case with comic book movies. It probably helps that I’ve never read a comic book in my life :) I enjoy them for what they are: action-packed, often a good mix of humour and tension and reasonably fast-paced (i.e. not boring). The Green Lantern was another such movie.

This is just as well as we’re now starting to venture out of the realms of superheroes I’ve actually heard of (Superman, Batman etc…) and into ones I would label more obscure (all the comic book fans go “wha…?”). The movie was certainly green! There was no shortage of greenness in the film. Whilst not being overpowering of course. And not greenness in an environmental sense either, in case you were concerned :)

It was also good to see two New Zealand Maori actors involved. One being Temuera Morrison, who’s done a few odd jobs in international film (including Star Wars) and Taika Waititi, writer and actor in last year’s popular NZ film, Boy. His American accent was so convincing, I didn’t realise he was the actor playing his character until halfway through the film, despite the fact that I knew he was in the film and his character was a human and thus not hidden under any sort of effects.

My only complaint would be that the final battle could have been a smidge more epic, but other than that, the entire film was well balanced! The romance was present but not drawn out or too distracting from the main plot. The character flaws of the main character were convincing enough to be important in the plot, but weren’t annoying. And as usual, the 3D was great :) Another reminder that 3D is about depth into the screen, not things poking out of it (I check every movie to make sure my extra few bucks is making a worthwhile difference to the experience).

Go see it!

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  1. debzywebzy

    I agree entirely. =P

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