Just practicing my Tagalog

Feel free to ignore this post. I just learn as I write (which is why I love blogging) so I’m gonna post what I’m learning from a preschool Tagalog book here.

A is for anak

B is for butiki

C is for champorado

D is for dahon

E is for ewan

F is for Filipino

G is for galing

H is for hati

I is for ibon

J is for Jeepney

K is for kumot

L is for Lola

M is for medyas

N is for naku

O is for ‘ospital

P is for pansit

Q is for Quezon

R is for relo

S is for salamat

T is for tahimik

U is for umaga

V is for Vigan

W is for wala

Y is for Yaya

Z is for zipper


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