Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I haven’t seen Planet of the Apes. I’m really fine with that. If someone tells you you need to have seen the original to enjoy this movie, they’re talking out of their ass :) It was perfectly enjoyable. Granted, you have to accept the ridiculous premise that the movie is based on, but I’ve done it for many movies before and I’ll do it before. I think movies are better that way. If things had to be realistic, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy flying Deloreans and houses that can be transported aerially by balloons, both things which I’m sure you’d agree make the world a better place!

I think my favourite actor in it was John Lithgow. James Franco was perfectly fine and Freida Pinto‘s accent wasn’t quite sure what it wanted to be (though maybe that’s her normal sound?) but Lithgow’s performance fit perfectly.

The plot was great, whilst always knowing what had to come, the way we got there was interesting and the science babble added some fun details.

I’ll leave it to you whether you see this one at the cinema or on DVD, but I’d definitely call it worth a watch, despite a couple of cringing moments of ape speech and an excess of “of the”s in the title :)

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