Billy T: Te Movie

It’s always nice to watch a New Zealand film once in a while! And a documentary no less. Being a true documentary, it doesn’t actually contain many clips from the man’s stand up routines, but then anyone willing to spend up to watch a doco about him at the cinema will have seen it all already on youtube, so that’s fine by me :)

The film contained many insights into Billy’s career and personal life, and the story of his ultimate early death was definitely a reminder to eat healthy! No matter how politically correct this world becomes, being overweight does eventually kill you before your time, that won’t change.

It was certainly good to see some old timey faces again (thinking Pio, Richard Long, Judy Bailey) and learn a bit about how race relations used to be in NZ in the mid 1900’s. It’s easy to take for granted the current ethnic situation in NZ combined with the fact that we’ve never been a slave nation. But that doesn’t mean there was never discrimination.

Not a film you have to watch at the cinema, but certainly worth watching!

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