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Top 5 Relient K Songs

Relient K are a great band, talented at both the hilarious and the thought-provoking. So I thought I’d list my favourite five songs of theirs here, for you to inspect if you so wish :)

I Celebrate the Day

This video extends the intro a bit beyond the original recording, but nonetheless, it’s probably the most contextual Christmas song written in many years. I say contextual cause it looks at the entire purpose for which Jesus came, and not just the cute baby side of things. “I celebrate the day that You were born to die so I could one day pray for You to save my life.” Continue reading


I went to see Boy yesterday. Good kiwi film! New Zealand really does make some fantastic movies. The story managed to handle sitting on the line between being realistic yet at times being quite unrealistic but always feeling believable.

It was good to see the dude from the Tourism Paeroa ads in the cast, and good to hear some awesome kiwi music in the soundtrack. The movie’s possibly so kiwi that it wouldn’t do well in other markets cause they wouldn’t really understand it. But that makes it all the more hilarious here in NZ! The story was original, yet easy to relate to. Surely everyone can see a bit of Boy in themselves. The dance at the end was also hilarious!

I don’t know what else to say, don’t wanna give the plot away. You should definitely go see it!!!

Oh and there are some great references to NZ popular culture including Flight of the Conchords – “You’re not a man” “technically I am!” and a Billy T. James clip on the TV in their house.

Wallace & Gromit Clips

I had no idea that there are Wallace & Gromit skits beyond the TV episodes and the movie, but apparently there is! You can see all the skits on youtube, but here’s one now: