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Billy T: Te Movie

It’s always nice to watch a New Zealand film once in a while! And a documentary no less. Being a true documentary, it doesn’t actually contain many clips from the man’s stand up routines, but then anyone willing to spend up to watch a doco about him at the cinema will have seen it all already on youtube, so that’s fine by me :)

The film contained many insights into Billy’s career and personal life, and the story of his ultimate early death was definitely a reminder to eat healthy! No matter how politically correct this world becomes, being overweight does eventually kill you before your time, that won’t change. Continue reading

Cowboys & Aliens

My number one thought from this movie is that Harrison Ford makes one heck of a grumpy old cowboy! Usually when I watch his movies I can’t help but think of him as, well, Harrison Ford. But this time around he was completely in character for me.

Daniel Craig also made a great cowboy. Walton Goggins was a familiar cowboy face from a very similar costume in Shanghai Noon. I’m one of those annoying people who’s not happy until I’ve found out what other movies I’ve seen every familiar face in :) Continue reading

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I haven’t seen Planet of the Apes. I’m really fine with that. If someone tells you you need to have seen the original to enjoy this movie, they’re talking out of their ass :) It was perfectly enjoyable. Granted, you have to accept the ridiculous premise that the movie is based on, but I’ve done it for many movies before and I’ll do it before. I think movies are better that way. If things had to be realistic, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy flying Deloreans and houses that can be transported aerially by balloons, both things which I’m sure you’d agree make the world a better place! Continue reading