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Genesis 10

Not a lot appears to happen here, it’s another of those famous (and often dreaded) biblical genealogy lists. But it’s really quite interesting. I’ve included a picture that illustrates where those nations ended up, but there’s really no knowing how far those nations spread!


Tax Refunds are useful things :D

So apparently the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) owe me $285 in taxes that I overpaid in the previous financial year! This is good news, that’s enough money to get me to Australia, then I just have to get from Australia to Malaysia and Malaysia to the Philippines :) And back again of course (though I may not want to leave :/ ) Then of course there’s the other expenses involved. It’s good to have a financial boost, I’m still saving my own money and making my fundraising plans. God is good, He gives me blessings I don’t deserve :)

Cool, so that’s just a short update!

Genesis 5

Is one of those glorious genealogy lists. However! Apart from the geek inside me having fun comparing the ages of Noah’s ancestors to see who lived the longest (and it would seem that Methuselah wins at 969 years), genealogies are of course important in the bible, not the least because they eventually lead to the birth of Jesus, fulfilling that important statement God made a couple of chapters back about how satan would strike the heel of Eve’s seed and Eve’s seed would crush the head of satan! (see my post on Genesis 3).