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Link Up!

So I’ve started linking to friends’ sites down the bottom right in the footer there, so if you want your blog or site to be included, leave a comment! :)

The Mp3 Experiment 6

This is a great example of the random things that can be done thanks to technology. Crowds of people following the instructions of an mp3 after they all hit play at the same time. It’s actually really cool, I was dubious, but it won me over!

Google Wave, Twitter Mobile and other Tech randomness

Well, I’ve had an interesting week trying out and learning about new technology.

Google Wave is a technology that could well replace email, IM, IRC and a decent portion of social networking if it’s taken up on a wide scale. I’m not the person to tell you about it, that’s why I’ve linked to Google’s own hour and twenty minute long video about it from their I/O conference. If you want a shorter analysis of it, try here. Continue reading