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Five Vids I have Favourited on Youtube and Why…

Every so often I used to just do a post linking to a video and saying why it’s cool. Which is ok, but kinda dumb as a blog post. Blog posts with vids need to have more than one! It’s best if they’re of the same kind of vid or have some point of comparison, but for this post, I’m just gonna show you five vids I’ve favourited on youtube and tell you why :) Continue reading

New Social Icons!

You may notice that on the top right hand side of the blog I now have awesome icons linking to my social sites! Yay for people who make awesome icons I say. Now it’s easier than ever for you to know where to find me, if you’re creepy like that :D

New Theme

Stoked to have a new theme! I try to make every theme change for the better to make my blog newer and shinier and give me incentive to post on it :) I hope this change is no exception. This theme is called Coraline apparently.