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Genesis 21

This is a pretty interesting chapter! The Philistines appear here. It’s perhaps strange to think that they existed before Israel when we’re used to thinking of them as if their sole purpose in life was to frustrate the Israelites and own a giant. But no, they were around much longer than that!

Also, Sarah has a baby. Abraham was 100 so this was quite an achievement! Certainly the provision of God. There’s no doubt that our God is a God of miracles! :) There’s a feast and all is going well. Continue reading

Genesis 20

This chapter is a very strange story. Abraham and Sarah pretend to be brother and sister. Abimelek therefore thinks Sarah is available and takes her for himself. God prevents him from having sex with her so that technically nothing wrong happens. Then He appears to Abimelek in a dream and tells him about it all and says to give Sarah back to Abraham and be glad that he hadn’t done anything wrong. Continue reading