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Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2 is an action movie disguised as a family movie. It’s completely family friendly, but completely blockbuster at the same time. And hilarious! From the first scene to the climax, it barely pauses to catch its breath, seamlessly weaving the plot lines together into an epic finale where Po avenges his mother, his species and saves China all in one go! And of course, there’s a twist at the end to make room for another sequel ;) Continue reading

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I had reasonably high expectations for this movie and I’m a firm believer that expectations play a big part in the enjoyment of a movie. If I expect a movie to be rubbish I’ll enjoy it if it’s even marginally not rubbish :) Anyway. This fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t rubbish. But it wasn’t all that either.

The plot was fine. I followed the story from its premise to it’s conclusion with plenty of curiosity and suspense. I couldn’t have asked for more from the story. Despite some reviewers lamenting the lack of sea battles, I thought it was a really interesting concept! However there were some things that stopped it from being up there with the previous movies. Continue reading

Sucker Punch

This was an interesting film! A while ago I wrote about The Tourist and complained about how it didn’t really do any genre well, thus appearing to be a confused and pointless movie. Sucker Punch also drew on features from several genres, but used them well, and used enough of them fully that I didn’t feel too disappointed about what wasn’t explored.

The plot was based on a video game structure. That structure being that you finish a mission and then you are given a new one, when you finish all the missions, you’ve won the game. The film itself was largely an action film, and certainly had sufficient action that you feel this has been done properly, unlike The Tourist. It was also a psychological thriller to a certain extent, the one alley that could have been explored much further, but that really would have dragged the movie out much longer so I can’t really complain! Continue reading