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Genesis 7 – Noah’s Ark Part 2 :)

WOW! Ok first things first, we all know Noah took two of each animal onto the ark right??? Well, think again! Noah took two of each unclean animal onto the ark. Of clean animals and birds he took seven pairs of each kind! (see footnote). It’s amazing what you learn when you actually read the bible… How he knew what was clean and unclean before God gave all the instructions on such things to Moses, I’m not sure. However the animals did walk on two by two apparently, that part we’ve known correctly :) Continue reading

Genesis 1

Genesis 1 is probably one of the chapters of the bible that even those Christians who are most neglectful of their bible reading habits have a good recollection of. For many, it’s probably the chapter that they’ve read the most, being the start of attempt after attempt at reading the bible. But what’s actually in it? Continue reading