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The Atheist’s Dilemma

I have been thinking recently about a huge dilemma that atheists face.

Assuming that an atheist believes that there is nothing beyond the physical world – nothing spiritual, they would, if they were honest, have to admit that anyone with a belief in something spiritual is actually deluded. Is imagining things. Is a bit wrong in the head, so to speak. I don’t know if any atheist psychologists have come up with a scientific name for such a disorder yet, but logically there should be one. And here’s the main bit:

If people who believe in something that doesn’t exist are wrong in the head, atheists should be really worried about the mental safety about a lot of very influential people in the world. If spirituality is a delusion, and people who believe in it are imagining things, the world is in the hands of some mentally unstable people.

This combined with the fact that atheists (being a mostly western phenomenon) are going to become a smaller proportion of the population in western countries, as there is a large migration of people from the east and middle east to western countries. We are going back to the age where western countries are filled with people who have a spiritual belief, the only difference being that Christianity may no longer be at the forefront, but one of many belief systems that are upheld.

There is an advantage for Christianity here, in that it will open people up to thinking about spirituality. But there will be a new challenge, as Christianity seeks to be the way people choose over other religions in western countries for the first time. This has previously only been an issue in countries where another religion is overwhelmingly dominant, and thankfully, under oppression Christianity often thrives. But in the freedom of the west, where anything goes, there is no oppression of the state to make Christianity the underdog. It’s just another product in a religious market, that has the advantage of being the truth, if it can get that fact through to people. I’m keen to see what happens.