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25 Things… (sighs) here we go

I wish I could say I’ve made it through this whole 25 things craze untagged, but I checked, and I’ve been tagged twice, so here we go. On the bright side, it’s an excellent chance to test how ping.fm goes with posting this to my wordpress blog and to facebook notes at the same time! :) Just means I’ll have to do all the tagging on each platform individually later…

1) I love Jesus, and though I often screw up, and bite my tongue and think things I don’t do even more often than that, I know that He loves me, and He loves everyone I meet, so I just try to be brave enough to make sure everyone knows that, and that I act in a way that backs up my words. Yeah, long way to go on that one ay…

2) I really like people. In new situations I’m shy 90% of the time, but once I feel at home, I like talking with them, eating with them, being silly and hoping people realise I’m just having a good time, and so on and so forth. And then after all that action I tend to calm down, and when that happens, it means I still want to chat with you all, but one person at a time. One on one convo rules when I’ve exhausted myself. It rules the rest of the time too, but when I’m not worn out I can handle group convo too!

3) I’m into lasagne, chilli con carne and chocolate. If I did a bit of thinking I could probably tell you which of the five proverbial love languages apply to me, but I can tell you without having to think too much that if you hug me, cook me food or go to the trouble of having a decent, deep, lengthy chat with me, you’ve won my loyalty!

4) I am a mac user, and proud of it! Now my PC is actually pretty good to me, but it’s off most of the time cause mac is just further up the evolutionary chain. The number of things the up and coming Windows7 is nicking from MacOSX is testament to this. Seriously, get a mac, it’s worth the week it takes to get used to the new features and learn the interface. I want an iPhone or an iPod touch if I ever have the free funds, for music and calendar purposes mostly, and perhaps movies on longer trips!

5) I am a little bit computer geeky. Not a lot really, and most of the geeky things I’ve learned are inherited from my infinitely more knowledgeable friends. But just little things like what I’m doing now, writing to two websites from the same place, make my life interesting! I like things simple, even if they’re complex to put together, they have to be simple to run, cause I like the feeling of being able to do something simple to make something cool happen. I like the fact that all I have to do is press one button on my keyboard to make the four speakers that are powered by two power amps via a mixing console blast out some loud tunes. I like the fact that I can use one program to chat to people using msn, gmail and facebook in the same window.

6) I make music. You probably know this, cause I have little (more like no) shame about self-promotion. Go to http://tommo39.com to check out my music site, and go to the freebies page on that site to download the songs that take me days to make. Amazing how hard it is to give stuff away these days. Which brings me to the next point…

7) I like free stuff. I have a collection of bits and bobs like CDs, glasses, assorted vouchers etc, that I have gotten for free from various sites, and my recording studio would’ve cost thousands more dollars if it weren’t for trademe. My PCs screen was found on the footpath (yes it’s CRT, but at that price who cares?).

8) I have dreams in life. One of which is to be involved in church planting. I am fairly disillusioned with the church, not cause of what it does (thankfully), but because of how much more it could be doing if 90% of it’s funds weren’t tied up in rent, mortgages and wages. So I want to be involved in setting up churches that work differently, that see 90% of funds going to mission locally and globally, where the leaders have day jobs, and when large meetings do happen, they mostly happen in homes and public spaces that are free, and maybe the odd massive celebration in a more expensive hall. I don’t want to be cynical, I like the work churches do do, and I want to support it, but there’s just so much more potential. Including the potential stored inside Christians who are spoon-fed the bible at church and don’t absorb anything, but that’s another story. The more congregations there are in the world, the better!

9) I also want to travel. Whether doing overseas mission to Africa, or nations in the first world that need God just as badly, or travelling with a band, I want to get out and see the beautiful people and planet God has made, and make sure they know how they make Him smile. I also wouldn’t mind a very nice overseas honeymoon one day, gotta find a wife first though…

10) This is getting rather long. Good on you if you’re still with me. Tenth thing about me is that I’m very opinionated. Yes I know, who would’ve thought! hehe. And I’m very forward about my opinions, which makes it hard to back down sometimes, but I have a genuine desire to see truth spread, and if you convince me of something, you’ve got me on your side 100%. It just might take you a while to get me, cause I do generally have at least ten reasons for my current thought which you’ll have to disprove, but go on anyway! I’m actually quite used to being wrong, occupational hazard of talking to girls, so I won’t mind!

11) I was born in Newport, Wales, lived there around or less than a year, moved to Glasgow, Scotland, moved to NZ when I was five. I’ve lived in about 14 houses in my life I think.

12) I have always been single, and I have to say that’s a good thing. Every time I think I’m mature enough to have a girlfriend, I discover another reason why I’m not. And though I’ll never be perfect, I can see God’s reasoning and timing in everything that is behind me, and if it takes 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years or if I’m single till Kingdom Come (literally), I’ve made it through enough angst and passion and disappointment and joy so far to know that I can make it through however much more of it I must survive through till singleness ends or death takes me. God is good. I’m really quite soft you know. Girls are awesome. Pity I can’t say the same for many guys, including myself at many more instances than I care to be responsible for.

13) What I say and what I mean are often two different things. Please don’t pick holes in what I say, just try to get what I’m saying. If you really don’t get what I’m saying, or if you disagree with something I say, actually check with me before you go to the trouble of a passionate rebuttal, cause we may well not differ in our opinion at all. And for the times I do deliberately make provoking statements, I’m sorry. Just ignore them and know I love you all.

14) Only 14? Goodness. I don’t think there’s much more to me hehe. My parents are married and live together, which is something to be proud of these days I reckon. I grew up making a mental note of all the ways not to copy my parents (and I still stand by many of those mental notes), but since leaving home I’ve also made many mental notes about what I should copy from them. It’s good to learn from what your parents get right, and not just their mistakes :)

15) I grew up being a smart cookie through school, right up to being in the top stream at school through to 5th Form (year 11), then my laziness started catching up with me. I’d never had to do homework to learn the necessary skills to pass an exam before! I put a lot of effort into things I’m passionate about, but if I’m just not passionate about something, it’s really hard making myself do it! But that’s life, I know God wants me to excel, and I’m working on it.

16) I really don’t know what my favourite colour is any more. Show me a well designed website or house, or wear a nice top if you’re a girl, or do a cool painting, and I’ll tell you how awesome the colours look together, but outside of a context it’s hard to have a preference any more.

17) I like originality, I hate anything that’s too standard or expected, from music to movies, to outreach event ideas, whatever. And at the same time, love the classic things. I love the classic chord progressions, classic action scene plots, classic ways to make an event go off. I guess a good mix is the key. I hope my own song writing, script writing and event ideas reflect this.

18) I like challenges. I know I said before that I can be lazy. But if you’re organising a sports event, moving house, going for a walk (long or short), doing anything crazy, changing the world, whatever it is, I’m usually keen! Unless, I’m really tired, but let me make that choice, never refrain from asking me something. I really hate it when people do stuff without me, I know everyone can’t invite everyone to everything, but I’m just ridiculously sociable hehe.

19) I care about a lot of things. Anti-abortion movements, environmentalists, anti-poverty groups etc all have my sympathy, but like I said before, I like simplicity. So unless you’re the huge main organisation in an area, you probably won’t get my money or my effort sorry.

20) Almost there! Thank goodness. I keep thinking I’m out of ideas (I’m thinking that right now in fact), but something always comes up. I spend too much. I buy DVDs and books and music and food, cause I love sharing and entertaining and being hospitable, but I should probably just get some good use out of what I have and stop adding to it, cause I have plenty now I think. If you ever want to borrow a movie or a book or use my recording studio, please please PLEASE just ask me, that’s what they’re here for!

21) In contrast to my love for challenge, I love stability. I think both are Godly and human traits, if that makes sense. I love having the same friends, I love making new ones, but I want to keep them forever once I’ve made them hehe. I have a kiwisaver account cause I think having some financial stability is important (in contrast to the spending above), and I want to have something to leave to my kids at the end of this life. I’m not as extreme as the New Zealand dream of home ownership for everyone, I think in some life contexts (eg overseas mission), renting is more financially sensible. But then it’s also nice for missionaries to have a home to come back to, so who knows. Also, my ideal way to buy a house would be outright. But that’s probably unrealistic. Interest rates of any quantity don’t excite me, except in relation to my savings account hehe.

22) Along that thread, I spent most of my childhood wanting to be an architect. A combination of high involvement in music at high school, and the uninspiring and frankly, unenjoyable third form graphics teacher put an end to that dream and replaced it with another. So I have a paradox in my life, which is how much I would love a fancy house with technology ahead of its time and all the luxuries, compared to the fact that I would really love to just have a basic house that serves basic life needs, so that I can use my money freely for God’s purposes. And I know which one of the two really counts. It’s not like musicians ever really make money anyway hehe.

23) I really have no patience for smarty pants people. If it’s in good humour I’ll enjoy it, but any display of how clever you are for the sake of making a clever comment will require everything I have to stop me making a rude comment in your direction something along the lines of “just be quiet”. And of course I inevitably end up making smarty pants comments myself, followed by the traditional laugh/giggle that all such gits like me make after their own smart comments to try and cover the fact that they feel really clever about what they’ve just said, and to try and lighten the blow, cause somewhere deep inside they’re not actually proud of the fact that they just tried to make you look and/or feel dumb.

24) Phew, almost there. So far in this blog I’ve probably offended anyone who’s employed by a church, and anyone who’s made a smart comment in the last 12 months, and probably lots of other people too. Oh dear. 24th thing is that my sleep patterns periodically go out of whack and every couple of months when fund availability corresponds with staying up, I’ll go to McDonalds at 3am and bring some food home to eat while watching a movie. Just to make life interesting, you know?

25) I hate doing blogs/surveys/quizzes etc just cause everyone is. Like I said before, I like things simple, and I only really take an interest in the main group for any given cause. I have no patience for facebook groups trying to get all Christians on facebook, cause the fact I haven’t joined means they’ll never succeed even if every other Christian on facebook joins and they’ll have to call it the group to connect every Christian on facebook except Josh! Hehe ok that sounds pathetic doesn’t it. But I do like simplicity. I don’t have a lot of patience for “fringe theology” about things like end-times, and whether Genesis is literal or figurative, or whether the book of Job is. I don’t care about whether the petition about Wellington’s recycling bins succeeds or not, none of that is important. What is important is that Jesus died and rose for everyone, and that there are facebook groups about child slavery etc, things that really count. They are worth my energy and they are worth yours. Sometimes the “noble causes” that catch our attention are actually just not noble enough. You only have 24 hours a day, you can only spend so much of that time on facebook, you can only give so much of your money to charity, you can only protest about so many things. So next time, before you join something that looks important, ask yourself if it’s really important. Recycling bins, even internet downloading laws, aren’t life or death for anyone. The child sex trade most definitely is life or death for a lot of people, to give an example. So yeah. That’s enough rant I think hehe.

God bless!