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Communion Message

Today I led communion for the first time at a church our Sunday school ministry was visiting. Let me know if I said anything heretical :)

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Marriage isn’t a Culture thing

I was just having this random thought today. Anything that can be considered a cultural thing is an invention of man. For example, whether you eat with your hands or with a knife and fork is cultural. How you speak to people older than you is cultural. Whether you shake hands or hug is cultural.

Marriage is not cultural. A lot of the trappings of marriage are cultural. The form which the ceremony takes, even the interactions of the husband and wife for the duration of their marriage might be largely dictated to by culture, but the concept of marriage itself is not a cultural human invention. Continue reading

Christianity: The Essentials Part 1 – The Non-essentials

I was reading an article about forgiveness today. I was inspired to do a blog about it, cause I think forgiveness is an essential that we don’t talk about much at all. But it should be! I’m an advocate of the fact that there are a few things that are completely essential in Christianity, and everything else that we put up for debate needs to be with the realisation that it’s not incredibly important to God’s Kingdom or our eternal destiny.

So I decided I should not just blog about forgiveness, but do a short series of blogs on the things I personally classify as the essentials (you can feel free to have your own list that’s different from my own). To start off this short series (after all, any list of essentials should aim to be shorter, rather than longer, without leaving out anything important. That is after all, the definition of essential), I thought I’d make a list of a few common topics that are NOT essentials. Then we have them out of the way as we head into talking about the essentials. So here it is… Continue reading