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Marriage isn’t a Culture thing

I was just having this random thought today. Anything that can be considered a cultural thing is an invention of man. For example, whether you eat with your hands or with a knife and fork is cultural. How you speak to people older than you is cultural. Whether you shake hands or hug is cultural.

Marriage is not cultural. A lot of the trappings of marriage are cultural. The form which the ceremony takes, even the interactions of the husband and wife for the duration of their marriage might be largely dictated to by culture, but the concept of marriage itself is not a cultural human invention. Continue reading

Food & Cultural Identity

It seems like one of the strongest things we associate with cultures is food. Even before music, movies or anything else, we will still always think of curry in association with India before we think of Bollywood (or is this just me?).

And so I’ve been thinking, what food have us white people got to offer the world? Our taste palette seems to be fairly bland. It seems like just about every other country in the world has something of exciting flavour to offer! Continue reading

It’s Cool to be Asian

Has anyone else noticed that it’s fashionable to be Asian now? Obviously, if you are Asian then it’s always been fashionable, but if you’re white, it’s now become fashionable. Continue reading