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What makes an Express Checkout???

Traditionally in New Zealand, an express checkout at the supermarket is for people who are purchasing ten items or less. Sometimes twelve. But my flatmate recently noted that he couldn’t spot that definition near the express checkout sign at our local supermarket any more! So now, how do you define an express checkout??? These are some of the ideas we came up with: Continue reading

Genesis 25

This is a VERY interesting chapter. Much happens, yet only the last segment really receives the limelight in most Sunday School and sermon teachings.

First off, Abraham remarries (Sarah having died). He then has a bunch more kids. Hands up if you also thought Abraham’s only kids were Ishmael and Isaac? Yep, me too! One of these kids was named Midian. Could he be the father of the Midianites, with whom Israel had a love/hate relationship with later on? (Moses found a wife among them, but Gideon defeated them in battle down the track). Continue reading