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What makes an Express Checkout???

Traditionally in New Zealand, an express checkout at the supermarket is for people who are purchasing ten items or less. Sometimes twelve. But my flatmate recently noted that he couldn’t spot that definition near the express checkout sign at our local supermarket any more! So now, how do you define an express checkout??? These are some of the ideas we came up with: Continue reading

Genesis 18

Two pretty epic things happen in Genesis 18.

One is that Abraham takes fantastic care of three strangers he comes into contact with. I just love this, I think it’s a perfect example of how Jesus actually is present throughout the bible, even when not in person. If you want to know the answer to that perennial cheesy yet essential question “What would Jesus do?”, look at Abraham in this chapter right here :) Continue reading

Food & Cultural Identity

It seems like one of the strongest things we associate with cultures is food. Even before music, movies or anything else, we will still always think of curry in association with India before we think of Bollywood (or is this just me?).

And so I’ve been thinking, what food have us white people got to offer the world? Our taste palette seems to be fairly bland. It seems like just about every other country in the world has something of exciting flavour to offer! Continue reading