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Billy T: Te Movie

It’s always nice to watch a New Zealand film once in a while! And a documentary no less. Being a true documentary, it doesn’t actually contain many clips from the man’s stand up routines, but then anyone willing to spend up to watch a doco about him at the cinema will have seen it all already on youtube, so that’s fine by me :)

The film contained many insights into Billy’s career and personal life, and the story of his ultimate early death was definitely a reminder to eat healthy! No matter how politically correct this world becomes, being overweight does eventually kill you before your time, that won’t change. Continue reading

Hilarious Star Wars Spoof

Black Books – Door Knockers

Seeing as I’m having a Black Books 101 night tonight, where I plan to introduce as many of my friends as will show up to this magnificently funny British comedy, I thought I’d post a youtube clip here about it. Embedding for the clip has been disabled unfortunately, but here’s the link:


It’s about how one of the main characters, Bernard, is procrastinating in every way possible from doing his taxes, from pairing his socks to calling his mother. Then there’s a knock on the door, and an interesting scene unfolds between a desperate Bernard and two door-knockers who aren’t used to being inside.