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Top 5 Relient K Songs

Relient K are a great band, talented at both the hilarious and the thought-provoking. So I thought I’d list my favourite five songs of theirs here, for you to inspect if you so wish :)

I Celebrate the Day

This video extends the intro a bit beyond the original recording, but nonetheless, it’s probably the most contextual Christmas song written in many years. I say contextual cause it looks at the entire purpose for which Jesus came, and not just the cute baby side of things. “I celebrate the day that You were born to die so I could one day pray for You to save my life.” Continue reading


Sometimes I wonder if some Christian guys think healthy relationships are a simple matter of just not having sex before marriage. They’ll have a string of girlfriends, but they think it’s ok because they’re still a virgin. If you can’t hold down a relationship (and I’m not saying everyone has to marry the first person they ask out, let’s be reasonable), there’s probably something you’re doing wrong…