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10 Things a Guys’ Kitchen Must Have

It’s great fun living in an all guys flat. I have 5 male flatmates and we have some hilarious manly times, but none of it would be quite as awesome if our kitchen was lame. So here’s ten things I think a guys’ kitchen needs… Continue reading

A penny for your thoughts

Sadly, I’m not going to pay you a penny for your thoughts, and you can’t sue me for false advertising because I’m not a corporation or proprietor of any sort. And 2.5 NZ cents can’t buy you a lot anyway.

But I do want to know what you think. I hear both views on the subject a lot, so to put it to a poll:

Do you think telling someone how you feel about them (assuming you “like them that way/love them/whatever”) can lead to a friendship being awkward more often than not?

Your thoughts please.

Oh, and just so that this isn’t one way, here’s my thought for the day: If a picture is worth a thousand words, why do we need captions?


Yes. I am blogging about girls. It  was William’s idea so blame him.

Mainly cause that’s what we talked about in KFC for an hour today. Or should I say “who we talked about”? But then we talked about many and talked in general, so maybe what is a more appropriate word, seeing as I think referring to a species as a whole as “what” is ok and no one will feel disrespected. Ok I’m getting lost, just gonna move on… Continue reading