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Communion Message

Today I led communion for the first time at a church our Sunday school ministry was visiting. Let me know if I said anything heretical :)

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On Clothes and Modesty…

Because after all, it is an ever present subject…

I’ll try to not offer too many opinions, lest I get myself in trouble. Oh and please please pleeeease note that this blog has been floating around in my head for a while. While I was disappointed that people were posting their bra colours on Facebook last week, I’ve deliberately left that out of this post. It seems to be over now and I’d rather leave it that way and talk about what I’ve outlined below instead. And if I’ve tagged you in this post on Facebook, it’s not because I think you need to change what you wear, but because I want to know what you think. You can decide for yourself how to dress once the discussion’s over. Continue reading