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Why I use a Mac

I love my macbook. And to be honest, if you asked me to tell you why, I probably couldn’t tell you any more. I’m so used to it, I take it for granted until those few frustrating occasions each year where I have to use a PC. But I realise I’ve not actually blogged about macs that often. So here are some reasons why I love macs: Continue reading

Apple get smart to microsoft – again

I was expanding my knowledge of apple’s gift to networking – bonjour – today, and couldn’t help laughing at this stab at microsoft.

I quote (emphasis added):

Even Windows PCs can take advantage of Bonjour. For free. The Bonjour Setup Wizard makes setting up a printer in Windows as easy as in Mac OS X (we can’t make it as beautiful, unfortunately).”

Just thought that was funny hehe.

To find out more about Apple’s bonjour service for both Mac and even Windows, click here.