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Tax Refunds are useful things :D

So apparently the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) owe me $285 in taxes that I overpaid in the previous financial year! This is good news, that’s enough money to get me to Australia, then I just have to get from Australia to Malaysia and Malaysia to the Philippines :) And back again of course (though I may not want to leave :/ ) Then of course there’s the other expenses involved. It’s good to have a financial boost, I’m still saving my own money and making my fundraising plans. God is good, He gives me blessings I don’t deserve :)

Cool, so that’s just a short update!


The Planning Begins

The Chocolate Hills in BoholSo you may know I really want to go to the Philippines next year. The advantage of having work is that when you decide you want to go somewhere, you save, you ask for the time off work, and you go! So different to being a student hehe. I have neither saved all the necessary funds, nor asked for the time off work, but I have begun saving! I should probably sort the leave out soon though it is so far in advance.

God has had it on my heart all this year that it is time to go somewhere. At first I had a couple of ideas where I might go. One was to visit my grandparents in England, another was to visit my friends in Malaysia. But I felt uneasy about those ideas, I didn’t really feel that I could justify the spending on travel that would be such a large expense on my limited income, even for the sake of seeing such wonderful people. Then God brought Shepherd’s Arms across my path. Continue reading