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Cowboys & Aliens

My number one thought from this movie is that Harrison Ford makes one heck of a grumpy old cowboy! Usually when I watch his movies I can’t help but think of him as, well, Harrison Ford. But this time around he was completely in character for me.

Daniel Craig also made a great cowboy. Walton Goggins was a familiar cowboy face from a very similar costume in Shanghai Noon. I’m one of those annoying people who’s not happy until I’ve found out what other movies I’ve seen every familiar face in :) Continue reading

Sucker Punch

This was an interesting film! A while ago I wrote about The Tourist and complained about how it didn’t really do any genre well, thus appearing to be a confused and pointless movie. Sucker Punch also drew on features from several genres, but used them well, and used enough of them fully that I didn’t feel too disappointed about what wasn’t explored.

The plot was based on a video game structure. That structure being that you finish a mission and then you are given a new one, when you finish all the missions, you’ve won the game. The film itself was largely an action film, and certainly had sufficient action that you feel this has been done properly, unlike The Tourist. It was also a psychological thriller to a certain extent, the one alley that could have been explored much further, but that really would have dragged the movie out much longer so I can’t really complain! Continue reading

The Tourist

I enjoyed The Tourist! It had a familiar cast, including Paul Bettany and Rufus Sewell (both of A Knight’s Tale), as well as the obvious Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, who were the main reasons I wanted to see the movie. Timothy Dalton will be another familiar face, for those of you who have seen Hot Fuzz.

All in all, the acting was superb. Angelina Jolie did a very good, albeit not entirely realistic English accent (especially given that she’s supposedly from the London Metropolitan Police Force, an city not know for having well-spoken residents, bar its aristocracy) and though her character was hard to get into, it was deliberately aloof. Johnny Depp was fantastic as always. Continue reading