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Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I liked this movie! I haven’t read the book in a while, so forgive me if I say anything dumb, but here’s what I thought was great about the movie:

It was a different kind of movie from the first too. Now, I know the movie makers aren’t to credit for this and it was C.S. Lewis’ plot. But during the battle scenes in the first two movies, I couldn’t quite help thinking “Well, it’s not really Lord of the Rings is it…” In this latest release, that wasn’t a problem cause there were no large battle scenes. The climax of the story was something else. And that’s great! Continue reading

Harry Potter and Christianity

I tentatively wade into this debate…

I was fortunate to grow up reading Harry Potter before any Christians considered the fact that it might not actually be such a good idea for their kids to be allowed access to that kind of literature. As such, I have the opportunity to make an informed opinion on the matter at least from some first hand experience.

Let’s start with the basics: Christian parents want to protect their kids from anything that they think might compromise their faith in God. That’s good! That’s the kind of caring parents all children need. And it’s important to start with the fact that children are not ultimately losing out on an essential life experience if they never read Harry Potter, as long as they are being encouraged to read something.

So with that out of the way, let the debate begin :) Continue reading