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Genesis 10

Not a lot appears to happen here, it’s another of those famous (and often dreaded) biblical genealogy lists. But it’s really quite interesting. I’ve included a picture that illustrates where those nations ended up, but there’s really no knowing how far those nations spread!

Genesis 8 – Noah’s Ark Part 3

In this third part of the Noah’s Ark saga, mankind gets a fresh start. God says He will never again wipe out all of creation because of the evil in man’s heart. Apparently He says this “in His heart”. This is a rather amusing narrative occasion where the writer of Genesis presumes to let us in on what God is thinking to Himself, which is awesome!

Furthermore, He repeats the words He said to Adam and Eve about being fruitful and increasing in number.

Noah builds an altar and burns sacrifices to the Lord and God receives them. All is how it should be. For the time being…

Genesis 7 – Noah’s Ark Part 2 :)

WOW! Ok first things first, we all know Noah took two of each animal onto the ark right??? Well, think again! Noah took two of each unclean animal onto the ark. Of clean animals and birds he took seven pairs of each kind! (see footnote). It’s amazing what you learn when you actually read the bible… How he knew what was clean and unclean before God gave all the instructions on such things to Moses, I’m not sure. However the animals did walk on two by two apparently, that part we’ve known correctly :) Continue reading