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Genesis 25

This is a VERY interesting chapter. Much happens, yet only the last segment really receives the limelight in most Sunday School and sermon teachings.

First off, Abraham remarries (Sarah having died). He then has a bunch more kids. Hands up if you also thought Abraham’s only kids were Ishmael and Isaac? Yep, me too! One of these kids was named Midian. Could he be the father of the Midianites, with whom Israel had a love/hate relationship with later on? (Moses found a wife among them, but Gideon defeated them in battle down the track). Continue reading

Marriage isn’t a Culture thing

I was just having this random thought today. Anything that can be considered a cultural thing is an invention of man. For example, whether you eat with your hands or with a knife and fork is cultural. How you speak to people older than you is cultural. Whether you shake hands or hug is cultural.

Marriage is not cultural. A lot of the trappings of marriage are cultural. The form which the ceremony takes, even the interactions of the husband and wife for the duration of their marriage might be largely dictated to by culture, but the concept of marriage itself is not a cultural human invention. Continue reading