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Old Meets New

Tonight we watched the Last Samurai at our flat. I’m not really a big Tom Cruise fan. I think he does awesome movies that’d be even better if someone else starred in them. One of the cool things about the Last Samurai is before the last battle, he is presented with a sword with a Japanese inscription on the blade “This sword belongs to the warrior in whom the old ways meet the new.” Can’t remember if that’s the exact wording of it, but you get the idea.

Every time I see the movie that line makes me smile, cause I think that’s what every warrior should be like. In our battle to see people come to know Jesus, where satan will try to pull them any other way he can, we need to know what’s important. I think often as the church we find ourselves going one way or the other. Continue reading

God is Good

Last night I played with good old Cubed at the Massey University Christian Fellowship ball. I DJ’d too and had a great night, and so did many other people it would seem. But in the days leading up to the ball it seemed like everything was against me going. Yet I was there and I performed, so here’s why God has been good to me this past week: Continue reading

What is New Zealand’s Spiritual War…

I find it interesting but also saddening seeing what each nation’s spiritual battle is. In Fiji it’s a fight for unity, in Aus it’s a fight against racism. In NZ… I wonder what we need to be praying against as a nation… Continue reading