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Christianity: The Essentials Part 2 – Jesus

Continuing my endeavour to define what I think are the essentials of Christianity (after getting the non-essentials out of the way in my previous post), I’m gonna briefly outline why Jesus is essential, and what is essential about Jesus. Continue reading

Harry Potter and Christianity

I tentatively wade into this debate…

I was fortunate to grow up reading Harry Potter before any Christians considered the fact that it might not actually be such a good idea for their kids to be allowed access to that kind of literature. As such, I have the opportunity to make an informed opinion on the matter at least from some first hand experience.

Let’s start with the basics: Christian parents want to protect their kids from anything that they think might compromise their faith in God. That’s good! That’s the kind of caring parents all children need. And it’s important to start with the fact that children are not ultimately losing out on an essential life experience if they never read Harry Potter, as long as they are being encouraged to read something.

So with that out of the way, let the debate begin :) Continue reading

Genesis 5

Is one of those glorious genealogy lists. However! Apart from the geek inside me having fun comparing the ages of Noah’s ancestors to see who lived the longest (and it would seem that Methuselah wins at 969 years), genealogies are of course important in the bible, not the least because they eventually lead to the birth of Jesus, fulfilling that important statement God made a couple of chapters back about how satan would strike the heel of Eve’s seed and Eve’s seed would crush the head of satan! (see my post on Genesis 3).