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Genesis 10

Not a lot appears to happen here, it’s another of those famous (and often dreaded) biblical genealogy lists. But it’s really quite interesting. I’ve included a picture that illustrates where those nations ended up, but there’s really no knowing how far those nations spread!

Genesis 6 – Noah’s Ark Part 1

Two things of significance happen in this chapter. First, God limits man’s life at 120 years. Second, he destroys every creature except Noah, his family and two of each species.

This raises a lot of questions for me:

  1. Why did a gracious God choose to destroy mankind and start over?
  2. Why did He choose to send a flood that would destroy all creatures? He could’ve sent something that would have just destroyed humans and preserved Noah and his family somehow.
  3. Why didn’t God try to save mankind somehow instead of destroying it? Continue reading