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Genesis 4

This is an interesting chapter. It starts with the story of Cain and Abel and then seems to be a randomly thrown together list of who marries who and gives birth to who, starting with Cain’s descendants and then backtracking back to Adam and Eve having another son to replace Abel. I guess it makes more sense in the context of people having longer lives back then. It’s not so weird to jump in the narrative between Adam and Eve and their great-grandchildren if Adam and Eve are still alive all this time. Continue reading

Genesis 3

As with every chapter of the Bible, there are just so many amazing things in Genesis 3. One question I always ask is “Why did God search for Adam & Eve?” God is omniscient, of course He knew where Adam and Eve were! Was He giving them the opportunity to hide themselves or show themselves? I don’t know the answer, if you have any thoughts, let me know!

I think the main thing that stands out to me in this chapter currently (as a result of doing the Kairos Course at the moment, highly recommended!), is in verse fifteen: Continue reading

Time to Change…

The other day as I was walking to work, the song Wonderful Grace, was going through my head. The first verse goes:

Wonderful grace that gives what I don’t deserve
Pays me what Christ has earned and lets me go free
Wonderful grace that gives me the time to change
Washes away the stains that once covered me Continue reading