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Flew for the first time in aaaaaages this morning! From Wellington to Auckland for the Elim National Conference. It was amazing! All my tiredness from not having any sleep last night was forgotten. New Zealand is special. We are the first in the world to see each day. So to fly out of Wellington Airport so early in the morning and watch the sun rise from my window seat on the east side was really special! Continue reading


So the fireworks tonight were awesome! Amazing! Incredible! I have no idea how they make them twirl and be multi-coloured and all that jazz. And some were so bright! I’m sure the amount of joules of energy used lighting up the sky in those blindingly bright white ones must be equivalent to thousands of lightbulbs.

Other than wondering how much it cost to put on, how it compares to other displays around the world and how many carbon credits are required to offset so many explosions (which makes me wonder if we could stop America from warring simply by charging them for military emissions) One thing I was thinking: How many of these people who congregated to watch the fireworks would stop to look at the stars on a clear night? Continue reading